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Ottilia Elebring
6 juli 2024
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When war breaks out, and families are forced to flee, children are the most vulnerable. In the chaos of escape, they may lose their parents and be left alone.
Children may have witnessed their homes getting destroyed by bombs or parents being killed. They may have experienced torture or exploitation.

These children have endured horrible experiences that no one - especially children - should ever be forced to go through.

Today 30-34 million children are displaced. Many spend their entire childhood on the run.

Therefore we humbly request that, rather than purchasing us a wedding gift, you consider making a donation to support this cause. Together we can make a difference.
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  • Gavin Brown Gavin Brown gav 1 000 kr

    Best wishes for a happy life together. Hope we can meet soon.

  • Anonym Anonym gav 500 kr

    What a lovely cause, beautifully done!