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Per Wallentin
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Help for Ukraine
Dear Knowit colleagues, clients, partners and friends in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Poland!

We share our sympathies and support for the people, partners, and external colleagues in Ukraine and in accordance with UN we promote peace, justice, and strong institution. As key partner with UNHCR, we would like to support their important work leading and coordinating the efforts to provide security, shelter and emergency assistance for the Ukrainians in this crisis.

Your donation to UNHCR will provide refugees with emergency shelter, cash assistance for medicine or food, and relief items such as blankets, sleeping pads, tarpaulin, cooking sets and clean water.

There is no specific economic goal in this raise, all help is necessary. Knowit will contribute with a first donation of 500 000 SEK (approximately 47 500 Euro). Please help the Ukranian refugees by donating here, before March 31st!

Together we make a difference.

Per Wallentin
CEO and President of Knowit

PS 100 SEK ≈ 10 EUR
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