We are getting married and we want it to be a celebration for the two of us and for all of you who are coming to celebrate with us. We have budgeted and planned for it, and just want you to come and have a good time. We don’t need or want any extra gifts or money, if you come and have a good time that is all we want.

In lieu of gifts, we have started a small charitable donation site, and it would be lovely to see if we, together, can give a little to people who arent lucky enough to be partying with us here in Sweden.

We will keep this open until 10pm on our wedding night and see if we can raise a tiny bit of money.

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  • Marie & Nils Berggren Marie & Nils Berggren gav 500 kr

    All kärlek till er <3

  • Mathilde Hultin Sverige för UNHCR
    Thank you so much for choosing to support the work of the UNHCR!
    Your contribution means that children and families can receive shelter, food, water and medical assistance.

    A vital support for people who have been forced to flee.

    A warm thank you!