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No one can do everything but we can all do something. The war in Syria has been going on for 5 years. The families who are the victims of this unimaginable pain and fear need us to not look the other way. Pictures of children in the completely destroyed Aleppo breaks my heart. Give the world some love, something is so much better than nothing.

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  • Star Scene Star Scene Donated 100 kr

  • Camila Roa Camila Roa Donated 500 kr

    It really cost us nothing to open our eyes and realise what the world is turning to, let's not ignore the real problems. Any kind of help is always welcome. Thanks Ida for being concern about this sad Situation. Camila

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 1,000 kr

    Great to see how you use for help. Thank you Ida 🙏

  • Aurélie Meurs Aurélie Meurs Donated 300 kr

    Hope i can do so much more. Thanks for the initiative

  • Laura  Keegan Laura Keegan Donated 200 kr

    The devastating news reports coming out of Aleppo have left me feeling so powerless and sad. We all have a responsibility to support and show humanity in any way we can. This is the least I can do

  • Camilla o Anibal Strahl Jimenez Camilla o Anibal Strahl Jimenez Donated 500 kr

    Hjälpte en kvinna och hennes barn som precis flytt från Syrien. De berättelserna dom delade bär jag med mig i hjärtat och är så tacksam att Mio får växa upp utan bomber som regnar från himlen. Grymt intiativ Ida <3

  • Manuel Barbeito Manuel Barbeito Donated 300 kr

  • Nicki & David Devine Nicki & David Devine Donated 300 kr

    Wish we could do more. This is an amazing thing that you are doing to raise money and awareness to help those poor families. It's heartbreaking. Nicki & Deeno, Scotland x

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 100 kr

  • Sofia Sofia
    Stort varmt tack till dig Ida för ditt fantastiska engagemang, och tack till alla som stödjer denna insamling! Ni gör skillnad för familjer som tvingats fly sina hem!
  • Fabio  Alampi Fabio Alampi Donated 200 kr

    I hope it ends soon.

  • Andreas  Schröer Andreas Schröer Donated 500 kr

    I really don't know where you take all the energy from, having 3 children, 2 cats, 2 horses, moving home and still having time to care one those who are poor side of live. Fully support you.

    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: thank you! <3
  • Tânia  Pinto Tânia Pinto Donated 1,000 kr

    Wish more people would take the time to help out such a great cause.

    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: I think it's easy to get mentally paralysed in situations like this. Thank you so much for your donation <3
  • Rocco & Yadine Saz Rocco & Yadine Saz Donated 5,000 kr

    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: You guys are the best!!! <3
  • Sam Richardson Sam Richardson Donated 100 kr

    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: thank you!
  • Adam Beyer Adam Beyer Donated 1,000 kr


    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 250 kr

  • Paul Smit Paul Smit Donated 200 kr

    Everybody needs a second chance... Everybody!

  • Eva Kåhrström Eva Kåhrström Donated 100 kr

    Fantastiskt initiativ!

    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: Tack!
  • Maria Blomgren Maria Blomgren Donated 1,000 kr

    Grym musik! Grymt engagemang!

  • David Lee David Lee Donated 500 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 300 kr

    You and Adam are special people. Thanks for continuing to make a difference in this world. Hope to see you guys in Toronto soon.

    Ida Beyer Ida Beyer: Thank you! Hope to be back in Toronto too, love that city
  • Benny Skyttberg Benny Skyttberg Donated 100 kr