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Educate a Child


Dear all,

Dear Knowit colleagues, clients, partners and friends in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany! Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to support UNHCR’s project Educate a Child? I am.

There are 3.7 million refugee children and youths around the world who are not in school. This is unacceptable. Together with you, I would like to raise SEK 500,000 before December 24th for the important work done by UNHCR.
For every krona we manage to raise, Knowit will contribute twice the amount, until the goal is reached.

Please, join me.
Donate today. Donate now. And have a happy and safe festive season!

Per Wallentin, CEO Knowit

PS: 100 SEK is the equivalent of 9.3 EUR.
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    Bra initiativ!

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    Stort tack för ert stora engagemang för människor på flykt!
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    Very good cause to educate children

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    Barnen är framtiden ❤️

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    Bra alternativ julklapp som kommer till nytta.

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    Med hopp om att fler ska få en trygg vardag

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    Ingen skall behöva fly för sina liv för leva ett säkert liv. Detta blir en gåva för att underlätta för de som trots allt är på flykt.

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    Great initiative!

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