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Tertiary Education
Dear Knowit colleagues, clients, partners, and friends in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Poland! Will you help me support UNHCR's project Tertiary Scholarship Programme?

For refugees, gaining access to higher education is a battle against the odds, with only 3% of refugee youths enrolled in some form of higher education. By donating, you can help a new generation of young adults to be defined by their opportunities for the future, rather than by their past.

Together with you, I would like to raise 500,000 Swedish krona (SEK or kr), equivalent to 50,000 EUR, before December 24, 2021, for the important work done by UNHCR. For every krona we manage to raise, Knowit will contribute twice the amount, until the goal is reached.

Join me by donating and sharing this message! Donate today, donate now – and have a happy and safe festive season!

Per Wallentin
CEO and President of Knowit

P.S. 100 SEK is around 10 EUR.
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  • Carina Pettersson Sverige för UNHCR
    Tusen tack för er fantastiskt fina och viktiga hjälp till människor på flykt!
    Thank you very much for your fantastic help to refugees!
  • Knowit Group Knowit Group donated 65,000 kr

    Additional donation to summarize Knowit Christmas Fundraising 2021. Thank you all!

  • Knowit Group Knowit Group donated 75,000 kr

    Thank you all that contributed to this years Knowit fundraising!

  • Knowit Development AB Knowit Development AB donated 5,440 kr

    Första bidraget från Developments Advent of Code 2021

  • Katrin Kolare Katrin Kolare donated 500 kr

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    Bra initiativ!

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    Bra initiativ. God jul!

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  • Lawrence Kaala Lawrence Kaala donated 300 kr

    Keep up the good work.

  • Ribbans Glada Ribbans Glada donated 500 kr

  • Lars Vange Jørgensen Lars Vange Jørgensen donated 300 kr

    Important cause. Hope you achieve the goal

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 300 kr

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  • Henrik Serlow Henrik Serlow donated 500 kr

    Good tradition! Merry Christmas!

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    Christmas spirit / Knowit

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    Stay safe, keep warm and love each other

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 14,273 kr

    Vid årsmöte den 2021-12-17 beslutade Akademikerföreningen vid Knowit Connectivity AB i Linköping, Jönköping och Göteborg att skänka klubbens kassa till detta ändamål. Jag som undertecknar detta fick i uppdrag att utföra detta för föreningens räkning.